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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rising, rising, rising

“There are glimpses of heaven to us in every act,
or thought, or word
that raises us
above ourselves.”
–Arthur P. Stanley

There are two main things I teach about life: the way you see things will influence the life you live and the things you do will create your life too. From these two places, action and perception, you create your reality. Of course there are forces at work that are out of our control, but what you choose to do and how you choose to be make the difference.

Sometimes I talk to people who really need to focus on themselves, taking care of themselves, nurturing themselves. Sometimes what people need is to get outside of themselves and reach out to others. Only you know the truth about what you need to do right now in your life. If you’re not sure and not sure how to listen to the insides of you yet, experiment.

Today’s experiment: Do something noble to make your corner of the world a bit brighter. Help yourself, help another, sing, spend time with someone who loves you, pray, dance, learn something new, draw, express gratitude.
Aunt Laya

Photo by Kevin Connors.
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