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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Little Comfort

Funny thing about this life. It's not really meant to be comfortable. We can find comfort--a comfortable chair, or pillow. We can find a comfortable friend. There are delicious moments of deep comfort. Then things change. You can count on it. So one of the life skills we all need is to understand about going with the flow of change. Sometimes it means we have to create the change we want to happen. Sometimes it means you have to work with what is happening, be patient with the process the way it is.

If you plan a picnic and the weather turns to rain what are your choices? You can be bummed. You can be bummed and then make new plans. You can decide to play in the rain. You can reschedule the picnic. There are always choices if you don't limit yourself. That's a choice too, isn't it, to limit yourself into thinking that you don't have a choice.

The things that matter most in this world come with a price tag. It might be that the thing you desire will take time, so you have to wait. Sometimes what matters will take effort and energy to accomplish. Sometimes we are required to change and that's scary because when we change we are heading into uncharted territory.

Being uncomfortable is a part of life. Sometimes we just need to observe it, notice it, and then move on anyway. Sometimes it comes with a lesson. Sometimes discomfort comes as a call to action or sometimes as a message not to move. This is where listening to your inner voice (some people call it intuition, some call it your "guts") comes in. Pay attention to it, listen to your inner sense of knowing or seek advice from someone you trust who has experience and wisdom. Know that the hard times pass.

In the process of growing and change, be kind to yourself--this will be a comfort. Be kind to others too, because you never know what's happening in their life.

You can become familiar with these cycles so when you're comfortable you can be grateful for the pleasure. And when you're not comfortable, you can be grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow.

With hugs and blessings as always,
Aunt Laya

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