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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pennies from Heaven

While taking a walk with a friend, she decided to stop in to a popular coffee house and buy a cup of coffee. She told me that when ever she goes there, she finds some coins on the floor. It always happens. Sure enough, she found some coins. Then she shared with me that she sends her nephew the coins and he puts them in a jar he calls "Pennies from Heaven". She doesn't only find pennies, she finds other coins and they all go into the jar at her nephew's house. When the jar is full, they donate all the money to charity.

I told my friend a story I once heard about a rich man who stopped to pick up pennies when ever he saw them. Someone asked him why he did it when he was so rich. He answered that since pennies have "In God We Trust" on them, it was a reminder to him about how blessed he is and where his wealth comes from.

There are other stories about pennies. Mostly I wanted to share these stories with you because we sometimes forget to pay attention to the blessings in life. Sometimes we forget to see the miracles in the ordinary.

EXERCISE OF THE DAY: Keep your eyes open for the simple surprises and whispers of heavenly love that come your way each day.

With love and blesings,
Aunt Laya

photo from by Cohdra

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