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Thursday, May 29, 2008


There are way too many people today who are feeling sad. Sometimes there are good reasons to feel sad. If you have a loss--loss of a job, a pet, or worse, those are real reasons to feel sad. Life always has a way of giving people hard times. Some things we don't have a choice about--like our past.

Sometimes people feel sad in a way that feels like it will never end.

Here are ideas to move you from sad to happier.

One thing that is really important in everyone's well being is rest. Make sure you are getting enough rest each night. Lots of people take naps during the day, and that can be a great thing too.

If you find yourself sleeping most of the time, that is a symptom that you need professional help. You may have a medical or hormonal imbalance. It could be lots of things. It could also be that you are not facing something that you need to face in your life. Getting help is courageous and right.

Eating too much sugar can actually make you feel sad. It can throw your whole system off. If you find that you're sad a lot, eat less sugar for a start.

Not drinking enough water is the topic of whole books. Make sure you're drinking water first thing in the morning to get things flowing in your body. Your brain will function better and all your organs too. Your body is made up mostly of water so drink your eight glasses a day! (not Coke, not juice, water!)

The vitamins I recommend for anyone dealing with sadness are:

A good vitamin B complex. Make sure it's gentle and not a high dose. Take with food.

EFA's: That stands for Essential Fatty Acids. A 3-6-9 formula is good. It will keep your brain lubed.

Whole studies have been done that show exercise is an effective anti-depressant! Get moving. Do something you'll enjoy, walking, martial arts, swimming, biking to name a few. Get a buddy to move with you then you'll show up even when you don't feel like it. You'll be glad you did.

Choose your attitude!
You can do this.
More next time,
Aunt Laya

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