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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Can you taste the sweet?

Life has it's hard times and I talk a lot about how to get through the tough stuff. It's also important to see what is working and what is great. We all have a lot to be grateful about.

A famous performer was interviewed about her abusive past. She talked about the horrific things her mother did to her. And yet, she said she was grateful! Why? Because her mother, who was clearly mentally unstable--like really sick--never crossed the line to take her life. So this woman was grateful that her mother never killed her. And she made a great life for herself!

I share that extreme story because I want you to be able to see the sweetness that you have available in this life. I heard a great metaphor: If you're not tasting the sweetness of life then you aren't really opening up to the good there is for you. It's like trying to taste a lollipop with the wrapper on!

Exercise of the day: Get some kind of sweet that you really like to eat--watermelon, chocolate, mints, whatever. Pause for a minute before you eat it and pay attention to what's going to happen in your mouth when you taste it. Then enjoy the taste as it explodes in your mouth. (There are some people who do not have the sense of taste right now, this is a gift.) Gratitude is good.

Can you make a list of things (even in your head) that you have taken for granted?

Taste the sweetness. Hear the music. Feel the cool breeze at the end of a summer's day. Look into the eyes (or hearts) of the people who love you.

Have a great summer!

Aunt Laya

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