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Monday, October 19, 2009

No Bull

*no bull*
Don't you just hate it when you're talking to someone, and they give you a line, and you know that what they just said was bull? Lot's of the time we know when someone is full of it.
Now we have some possible problems here:
1) You trick yourself into thinking or believing what you want to believe instead of the truth, and fall for the line
2) You are the one giving the line and for some reason you don't think other people have a "bull" meter for when you're not being honest
You actually think you've "pulled one over" on someone
the reality is
No matter how you play this one, you really tricked yourself! Yikes! That means you need to take responsibility for tapping into your own guts. It means that you have the power to discern whether what's happening or being said is true and good for you and other people or not.

Stop letting other people "pull the wool over your eyes" (that means stop letting people trick you with lies!). Stop doing it to yourself. 

Get real. This is a gift you can give yourself and the sooner you're honest with yourself, the sooner you'll live a life that is free from bull.

You can apply this to many different aspects of your life: relationships, buying and selling, business deals, or education to name some.

Honestly yours,
Aunt Laya

**No offense to the actual, furry animal. They're nice, helpful, vegetarians who don't hurt anyone. Nice bull. Mmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooo.


Anonymous said...

Well Maam I happen to be a bull, they call me "Taurus the Bull" and I do not really appreciate your attitude towards me. I have had a long and successful career selling all kinds of things to people. Problem is I forgot that I was supposed to be the salesmen. And I started buying my own manure. Thanks for reminding me about honesty.

Laya said...