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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

True colors

Have you ever spent any time watching peacocks? They are so beautiful and so majestic. But they get a bum rap. When someone is walking around all conceited, people sometimes use the expression, “he’s strutting like a peacock.” I think peacocks are very modest birds though. They are beautiful to be sure. The males are programmed to attract the females for mating but it’s not about ego.

Ego is about people having inflated feelings of superiority. On the other hand, ego can go out of balance the other way when people feel inferior or not good enough. Being in balance is not feeling superior or inferior. Everybody has areas of talent and areas of weakness. How do you value the rose over the orchid or the daisy over the daffodil? The peacock is bluer than an elephant, and elephant is stronger than a fox, a fox is craftier than a frog, and frog jumps farther than an oyster (who doesn’t jump at all), which produces pearls from its challenges.

The ballerina dances and pays the shoemaker for her shoes. The shoemaker needs the truck driver to deliver supplies. The truck driver buys his food from the farmer, who buys his clothes… we humans rely on each other for entertainment, food, shelter, clothes, beauty, strength, comfort.

Truth of the day: Who ever you are, what ever you do, you are a gift to this world!
Blessing of the day: Shine your true colors in the way that only you can do.


Eshet Chayil said...

Oh come on. They totally strut. I remember seeing one at the zoo and its chest all stuck out and pompus looking. but still, beautiful for sure.

Rebecca said...

I think peacocks are beautiful, I haven't seen one in a while!

Laya said...

eshet chayil
That's exactly my point! We anthropomorphize, i.e. project human attitudes on to these birds. They 'strut' for sure. But if you spend time watching them, you'll see it's just the way they walk. I've watched them with females (peahens) and the interactions seem very sweet before the male opens his tail feathers fully. I live near a park where peacocks live and there are lots of times when there aren't other people around so I've had a chance to observe in quiet. My problem is getting too close in the hopes of getting good photos. They get nervous so they move away. Anyway, thanks for visiting.

I loved your list of cautions for women about guys and hope any girls reading this note will go have a look at your blog.

Keep shining!
<3 Aunt Laya

tuesdaywishes said...

I'm from Milwaukee, and in the zoo there the peacocks run around wild. When the males display those gorgeous tails, hundreds of people line up to take pictures.

Good luck with your blog, Laya!

Laya said...

Hi tuesdaywishes, thanks for the kind words. Hopefully over time I'll get some other nice peacock photos.

Here's my wednesdaywishes for you:
May your days be as peaceful as a gentle walk in the zoo, and as vibrant as the feathers of these magnificent birds.
<3 Laya