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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ever had a meltdown?!


Ever have one of these? Yes? You must be a normal person then. It's a big drag to get to that place. One of the ways you can prevent it is by shifting your expectations. Another way you can help yourself is to ASK FOR HELP. It's okay to ask for help, it really is. Another way is to let go of your idea of how something should go. Can you take yourself a "time out?" Can you add something to make the scene funny for you?

Remember in the Harry Potter story when the students were taught to take the thing that's the scariest for them and make it funny? Guess what? That's a technique in a form of therapy called NLP and it really works.

Put that in your "toolbox" of coping skills and take it out when ever you need it.

Aunt Laya


Laya said...

Are you one of those people who read the comments but doesn't leave one? :-)

Go ahead and add your ideas, you never know who you'll be helping.

And I love to read them too!

Aunt Laya

TsfatMarm said...

No fair adding your own comments first ;).

Asking for help is a skill. For some things, like cleaning for Passover, I seem to manage to call upon that skill. For many other things, I have yet to grow that skill..

Laya said...

Hey tsfatmarm, I love when you come for a visit to my blog!

Asking for help really is a skill. It takes humility. Yet humility takes courage.

One of the most courageous people I met was in a literacy program. A handsome dancer who could not read came forward and asked for help to learn to read.

Aunt Laya

Anonymous said...

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macskadék said...

You mean even normal people have meltdowns? I was told it's an Aspie characteristic, which is closely related to sensory overloads and communicational confusion. I felt ashamed of myself right before and a after my rare but painful public meltdowns. But if everybody has this thing, it means I don't haveto maintain so strict and exhausting self-conrol. Hmm...