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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Start Over

"Start over" means that even if you made a mistake or made a choice that didn't have the outcome you wanted, you can start over. Right now. Just start over. And you can start over any moment that you need to. You still have to deal with the consequences of a not-so-great decision or action or whatever. So? So, that's okay, deal with it, move on, and take the next step. You’re a little bit wiser and you know what you want a little more clearly.

This is a photo of a blossoming walnut tree. It's starting over after a dormant winter of bare branches. It will take the whole summer for the walnuts to grow and ripen until they are ready to eat near the fall.

Blessing of the day: Start over where you need to and enjoy the miracles that surprise you along the way.

Aunt Laya


Lady-Light said...

You changed your blog template! As a matter of fact, you have just 'started over!' How appropriate to this post of yours of 2 April.
I like it. It's colorful, yet easy on the eyes. Light, not as dark as your first choice.
Perhaps you can give ME some advice: I have been having technical problems with MY blog. My profile has disappeared. Have you encountered anything like that?
Meanwhile, congratulations on your new, lovely template. It certainly is more "you" than the first one.
How so? It is light, soft and gentle, and has a delicate quality. It reeks of goodness! (and your photos show up much better as well.)

Laya said...

Thank you for your kind words Lady-Light. I changed the look after a few people commented they thought it should be lighter. I saw old template on another computer and it was much darker than on mine.