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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Parents: Read this!

Here is something basic all parents should know. This is not a secret, but it's not talked about enough. All kids need to know how loved and special they are (your kids, grandkids, friends nieces, nephews, and parents too).

Tell your kids you love them.
Tell them they are wonderful, talented, smart, holy, and special.
Tell your kids you're glad they are your kids.
Tell your daughters that they are beautiful inside and out!

Here's another must do for parents:
No matter how busy you are in your life, no matter what else is going on:

Spend time with your kids. I repeat: Spend time with your kids.

Take walks with the dog. Go fishing. Bake together. Do volunteer work together. Read a book out loud together. BE together. One of my favorite parenting quotes is: “Kids spell love t-i-m-e.”

All kids want to hear how much their parents love and admire them. Even adult kids want to hear it from their parents. We never tire of the of love and acknowledgement we can get from our parents.

This is simple. You might need to let go of something, like playing that computer game for half an hour, miss an hour of TV, or don't take that phone call after school or at bedtime.

Dads: did you know that if you can do this one successfully with your daughter, that you'll save her mountains of heartache and increase her chances of finding a good man?

This is a big deal folks. Spend time with your kids. Let them know they are loved. Let them know you like them. Let them know you see how gifted they are. (All children are gifted in one way or another. This is truth.)

Now, what if you didn't get that as a kid or teen? Give it to your kid anyway and let it speak to the inside heart of you.

You can do this. Feel free to email this post. It is an essential piece to raising a happy, healthy, confident child who is secure in the knowledge that he or she is loved. And everybody deserves to know how very loved they are.

Tip of the week: Make a sign similar to the one in the photo and put it where you and your kids can see it every day. Pick any quote or thought that is meaningful to you. Have fun with the decorations or let your kids decorate it. This is not just for young kids; this is for teens and grownups too. It puts nourishing thoughts into your head.

Aunt Laya

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