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Monday, August 27, 2007

Can you do the impossible?

Did you know that scientists have not figured out how bees fly? There's a rumor that engineers have apparently "proven" that according to the laws of aerodynamics (the natural laws of flying) it is impossible for bees to fly! How can that be? Bees fly. Well, engineers have not said that it's impossible for bees to fly, because, well, bees fly. But it's true that no one has figure out HOW! Can you believe it? There are actually things in this world that we do not understand!

Isn't that exciting? We don't know it all.

So, stay open minded because there is so much to discover in this world.

And, stay hopeful. Just because you haven't figured out how to "fly" in your own life, does not mean it won't happen. If a bee can do the impossible, you can too! Hold fast to your dreams. Take one small step every day in the direction of your dreams. And if you don't know what your dreams even are, that's okay too. Start by doing acts of kindness for others (like passing on a little honey). You'd be amazed how doing acts of kindness will help you blossom!

Stay sweet!
Aunt Laya

Thank you to Scott M. Liddle ( and for the great photo, again!

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