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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Women and Money, Free e-book for a short time!

I just got this email and downloaded the book so wanted to pass it along. If you're reading this post after the offer expires, I've left it on my blog on purpose, because anyone who is being that generous deserves the promotion.

Very limited time offer!
On Oprah (Wednesday) Suze Orman helped
a woman whose husband committed suicide
leaving her with 4 children, $72 in her checking
account, and piles and piles of debt.

At the program's conclusion Oprah said: go to, go to Suze's ($24.95) book

Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny

and download it (all 300 pages) for FREE.

Keep trying ... a very busy site.

You may only have hours left for the download and the deal is we may not share the file to others, so hurry!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Laya, This is Dvorah Telushkin from New York City. Thank you for this extraordinary book and for the outpouring of healing it provides. Re; the blessing of someone who insults us or makes us angry. Do you think it is also important to tell them "I'm uncomfortable with what you just did," Or; "Those words are un acceptable to me." And then bless them privately. Joseph and I have been doing this with the kids and between ourselves every week. Each person tells the other is something was said to them that hurts them. But before reconciliation or brachot, the person who hurt us has to be made aware of the fact that he or she hurt us. Only then can we release it and they can apologize and change. Please write to me. I sent my e mail on other pages. Yesher Koach and Mazal Tov!!Dvorah