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Thursday, August 20, 2009

At what price beauty?

I've been talking about this for YEARS! Having worked as a make-up artist and hair stylist, I can tell you that presentation is everything. Here is a one minute demonstration of how the beauty industry and media have shaped (or warped) our perceptions about what is beauty. We've even done it to our food, preferring to buy a 'perfect' fruit or veggie instead of the small, yummy, often misshapen way they grow naturally.

Of course we want to take care of ourselves and look our best. So what will make you look your best and be the most attractive you can be?
  • Attitude! Confidence is one of the most attractive factors you can have.
  • A sincere and kind smile is brilliant and very magnetic.
  • Good health equals vitality which is a beautiful thing.
  • Living your heart's desires, moving in the direction of your dreams gives meaning and joy to life and a sparkle in your eyes. Very attractive.

There are people in the world who will be judgmental no matter what you do. So the choice is yours to make. You get to choose where you want to put the power and you get to choose what you want to make important.

Bottom line: Everyone is created with a different flavor, beauty, and shine. If you don't see it within yourself or another, keep looking. (You'll see what you look for!)

Aunt Laya


Priyanka said...

Thank you Aunt Laya :)

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Karen Whittal said...

And don't forget good manners, they can make or break any situation

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