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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


When you are jealous of someone else, you don't have what they have, but you also don't have what you have.


Elise said...

Hello, absolutely loving your blog and wanted to leave a comment to say so.

Your pics are brilliant and I love your writing - I'm learning so much already !

I will be back, thanks so much for sharing - very generous !!!

Aunt Laya said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment, I really appreciate it!

Eliyahu said...

so true

Anonymous said...

I have thought about this quote for some weeks now. I struggle with jealousy and I was wondering if you could illuminate on this idea of not having what you have...
I wish it was something I could internalize better.
Thank you and love the blog and the book!

Aunt Laya said...

Dear N, I've written a new post with more thoughts called "Transforming Jealousy." I hope it's helpful. Thanks for your encouraging words.