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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Caterpillar Soup

This is not a recipe!!! 
Well, it’s not a recipe for something to eat.

We all know that caterpillars turn into butterflies, right? We know they spin a cocoon and then, some time later out pops a butterfly. But what’s happening inside the cocoon?

Once the caterpillar is snug in his cocoon, his entire body breaks down. It becomes a kind of a glob of liquidy “soup” that would not look like anything to us, much less a butterfly. Then, when all looks lost, a few cells, called imaginal cells spark the process that will turn that soup into a butterfly. The process has begun and the butterfly is formed!

It can be just like that for us humans in a way too. Sometimes it feels like life is breaking down all around you and things seem like they are all a mess. That is when you can remember that you are simply in your caterpillar soup!

Trust that the down times will not last, things will shift. Let the “imaginal cells” of your mind spark the visions of the good this world has for you (even if you can’t seem to find it right now).

Aunt Laya

With gratitude to and users xandert and jusben for the really great photos!


Anonymous said...

Dear Aunt Laya,
Thank you SO much! i really needed to hear this right now! it's so important to remember, and believe that even when we look like a day we could be a butterfly! you've made my day! thank you!
A. Tiferet from Tsfat <3

Shayna said...

Thanks, Aunt Laya. Sometimes life really does feel like soup. :o)