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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Healing Sexual Abuse - a poem about healing

This is a poem written by someone who was sexually molested. It's important for people to know we are not alone in our life experiences. The young woman who wrote this gave me her permission to share it here. With gratitude for her open heart, here it is. Love, Aunt Laya


by Michal

I can't get up.
I sit and cry.
Let it out,
Let the tears flow.
It's natural,
It's part of healing.
Now is the time,
Now is when it must happen.
I can.
The words "I Can't" isn't acceptable.
Even though you think you can't,
Even though it's so tough that you want to give up.
The harder the push,
The easier it will be.
You need to,
You have to.
This needs to heal.
The wound is still open.
Any touch burns,
They are all a reminder of pain.
Release the anger,
Allow the feelings out.
It's been four years.
Time to allow it to heal.
With time and patience,
Hard work will close the hole.
It will only be a scar,
A mark.
No longer will I allow the pain to endure.
The painful memories stop here.
The abuse stops,
I will heal.
photo by cahilus, from, thank you!

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